Terms of Service

Wonder Notes Terms of Service

Article 1. Purpose of Enacting Terms of Service

  1. Cloud NET, Inc. (the “Company”) sets forth this Terms of Service (this “Terms”) with regard to the usage of application “Wonder Note” (this “Application”) that the Company provides, by prescribing offering condition and rights and duties between customer and the Company.
  2. For customer to use this application, customer must agree to this Terms. Also, customer must obligate to follow this Terms after starting to use this Application. 
  3. This Terms and important notices that the Company posts on this Application website are part of this Terms.

Article 2 Definitions of Terms

  1. Definitions of terms used in this Terms are as follows.
    (1) ”Customer” refers to a person who agrees to this Terms for the usage of this Application. 
    (2) ”Application website” refers to a website the Company operates and manages for this Application, with a domain of “http://www.cloudnet.co.jp/” (When the domain gets changed, it includes the modified domain as well.)
    (3) ”External service” refers to a linkage service to this Application offered and managed by business operator excluding the Company.
    (4) ”Registered data” refers to content (includes sentence, static image, or video, but not limited to these) customer inputs or sends by using this Application.
    (5) ”Form” refers to a classification of various information management used as settings. 
    (6) ”Field” refers to a entry field within the form used for the setting.

Article 3 Purpose and Content of this Application

  1. This is an application makes easier for the customers to manage schedule, diary, To Do List, or any other management necessary by customer freely setting their own information entries
  2. Customer is able to set item, form, and field freely for the information necessary to manage. 
  3. Customer is able to input words and images to an item set within the field. 
  4. Customer is able to send registered data to external services the Company specifies.

Article 4 Handling of User Information

Handling of User Information including Personal Information by the Company is specified under separate Privacy Policy. Based on this Privacy Policy, customer is deemed to agree on the handling of User Information presented by customer to the Company.

Article 5 Using Qualifications

  1. If the customer falls under any of the following items, customer may not use this Application. 

(1) A person who is a minor, an adult ward, person under curatorship or assistance, and does not have the consent from his/her legal representative, guardian, curator or assistant.
(2) A person who is a member of antisocial force (crime syndicate, crime syndicate member, right-wing group, antisocial force, and any other group equivalent to these), or a person who maintains and manages antisocial force through funding and other support. And any other person the Company judges to be involved in an antisocial force.
(3) Any others, who the Company judges to be inappropriate to use.

Article 6 Usage Fee

  1. As a usage fee (“fee”), customer pays the amount indicated on the screen of In App Purchase offered by Apple, Inc., iTunes K.K., as well as its subsidiary company and any other associated company (hereafter “Apple”). 
  2. For whatever reason, the Company does not refund the fee paid by the customer. 
  3. To use this Application, customer bears the fees necessary, such as postage, internet connection cost, and device cost.

Article 7 Prohibited Acts

  1. To use this Application, customer must not act on any of the following items, and any other act that might lead to the following items. 
    (1) Act of violation against laws or criminal related act.
    (2) Act of violation against this Terms. 
    (3) To use this Application with intention of illegal purposes. 
    (4) Act of fraudulence or threatening against the Company or a third party. 
    (5) Act of violation against public order and morality.
    (6)  Act of infringement on intellectual property right, right of publicity, right of privacy, honor or reputation, against the Company or a third party. 
    (7) Act of obstructing the operation of this Application. 
    (8) Act of giving detriment, loss, discomfort against the Company or a third party. 
    (9) Act of supplying profit to antisocial force. 
    (10) Any other act the Company judges to be inappropriate.
  2. If a customer acts on any of the items above and the Company suffers any loss or a damage, the Company can claim for the damages against the customer.

Article 8 Confidentiality

With regard to this Application, customer must not disclose or leak any of the information disclosed as confidential by the Company to a third party, unless with the prior written consent from the Company.

Article 9 Usage Restriction

  1. If a customer violates any of the regulations on this term, or in a case where the Company judges there is a fear of violation, the Company can restrict the usage of this Application by deleting registered data and suspend or stop providing this Application without any prior notice.
  2. The Company assumes no responsibility to any damage incurred upon customer by the measures done by the Company based on this article.

Article 10 Suspension, Alteration, Termination of Application

  1. 1.The Company can suspend or terminate a part or whole of this Application without prior notice, if falls under the following. 
    (1)In cases where maintenance or an inspection is needed for the apparatus or a system for providing this Application. 
    (2)When the operation of this Application cannot be done due to earthquakes, lighting strike, fire, storm and flood, electricity outage, and system failure. 
    (3)For any other reason when the Company judges that suspension or termination is needed.
  2. Without prior notice to customers, the Company can alter or terminate the content, function and specifications of this Application.
  3. The Company assumes no responsibility to any damage incurred upon customer by the measures done by the Company based on this article.

Article 11 Vested Rights

  1. Under this term, the Company gives customer non-assignable and non-exclusive right to use, for using this Application by installing it in customer’s device. 
  2. All of the intellectual property rights of this application belongs to the Company, and licensing under this term does not mean a license to the Company’s intellectual property rights. 
  3. This term does not give license for future upgrades of this Application.
  4. Intellectual property right of customer’s registered data belongs to a customer. However, customer is deemed to agree that the Company can use registered data gratuitously and freely (includes reproduction, copy, alteration, sublicensing to a third party, and any other usage).

Article 12 Indemnity

  1. The Company assumes no responsibility to any damage incurred upon customer by using this Application, such as loss of registered data, device failure or damage, and any other damage unless there was malicious intention or a gross negligence.
  2. Back-up of a registered data shall be done by the responsibility of a customer, and the Company does not bear responsibility for a back-up of a registered data. 
  3. With regard to this Application, the Company assumes no responsibility for a trouble occurred between customers or a third parties, and customers must deal and settle a dispute among themselves.
  4. This Application has a linkage function to external services, but this does not mean the Company guarantees the linkage service. Even if this Application is not capable of linking to external service, the Company does not bear any responsibility
  5. In a case where this Application is linking with external service, responsibility of an external service falls under business operator offering/managing the service. Also, customer obeys the terms of service of an external service at customer’s own responsibility, and the Company does not bear any responsibility for any disputes occurred between the customer and external service operator. 
  6. When using this Application, the Company does not guarantee for any losses or damages due to malicious programs such as computer virus.
  7. The Company does not ensure the performance of any device or software used for this Application.

Article 13 Assignment of Contractual Status

  1. No customer may assign, transfer, pledge or otherwise dispose of its contractual status or rights or obligations under this term with the Company to any third party without prior written consent of the Company.
  2.  If the Company assigns the business relating to this Application to any other entity, the Company may, along with such business assignment, assign its contractual status and rights and obligations under this Terms with the customer, and customer’s registered data and other information to the assignee of such business assignment; and the customer shall be deemed to have consented to such assignment under this paragraph. The assignment of business stipulated in this paragraph shall include not only normal business assignments but also company splits and any other situations that business is transferred.

Article 14 Communication/Notice

  1. Any notice or communication from a customer to the Company regarding this Application shall be made by transmitting an inquiry form situated in an appropriate place on the Application website or any other ways designated by the Company.
  2. Notice of revision of the Terms, any other notice or communication from the Company to customers shall be made by posting on an appropriate place in the Application website or any other ways that the Company determines appropriate.

Article 15 Validity of the Terms

If any provision of this Terms or part thereof should be held by any laws and ordinances or otherwise to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Terms and the remaining part of the provision that is held partially invalid or unenforceable shall remain in full force and effect.

Article 16 Governing Law and Jurisdiction Agreement

  1. Governing law of This term shall be Japanese law. 
  2. Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over all disputes arising in connection with this Term.

Article 17 Revision of Terms of service

  1. The Company can revise this Term. 
  2. In cases when this Term gets revised, the Company will notify details to customers by predetermined method, such as sending notices or posting on the Application website. When customer uses this Application after the notice, customer is deemed to agree on the revision.

Date of Establishment 9/1/2017